Muffin Tin Madness

Lately I have been eating out way more than I should be…it’s not good on my wallet OR my waistline. It’s my own fault for making poor choices and being lazy. Determined to get back on track with my healthy eating goals and to save some money the last few weeks of the year, I decided to plan ahead and make all my meals for the upcoming week in advance. That’s right, I’m going to cook my breakfast, lunch, AND dinner in advance. It’s time to put all of my Feed Me pins on Pinterest to work!  I’m also going to be using 3 recipes that cook in a muffin tin.  This is to help with portion control and something to easily grab on the run.

For breakfast, I decided to make Mini Frittatas. There are a ton of recipes for this type of dish, but I found mine here. My add on included (pre-cooked) turkey sausage, onions and bell peppers.

Paired with mini whole wheat bagels and some greek yogurt, I think this will be a hearty and healthy breakfast!

For lunch, I made lasagna soup. (Trying to keep my carbs earlier in the day!) I found that recipe here. I used lean beef from my parents cattle, hardly any fat! Love it! Mid prep I decided to make it less soupy and basically just cooked the meat, cooked the noodles, added the 3/4 of the sauce and mixed it all together. I took a bite, you know, to test for poison and it was YUM to the ME! This is basically just a healthy version of Hamburger Helper…and I’m okay with that.

For dinner, I made meatloaf minis. I started off using this recipe, but again, wavered and did my own thing. I added in leftover turkey sausage from the mini frittatas.

It occurred to me that I’ve got a lot of red meat going on, so I defrosted two chicken breasts and cooked them real quick. I had a ton of macaroni left over from earlier so I mixed that together along with sauteed onions and carrots. I threw in a cup of mozzarella cheese, a couple shakes of various spices and now I have an additional 3-4 meals.

I always like to include something green when I actually make an effort to eat well so I made these spinach muffins to go with any of the meals above.

I’m bad about forgetting to plan my snacks and then I end up really hungry at meal times so I boiled eggs and packed some carrot chips in snack baggies. I’ll just need to pick up some hummus and I’ll be good to go.

Whew!  This was a lot of work…but it feels good knowing that I have my meals planned all week long.


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